Certain Sculptures are too fragile to trust to standard courier systems so please email us with a contact number and we can discuss the best delivery method. Delivery may be an additional cost to be agreed.

All pieces are handmade and whilst photographs of commissioned pieces are shown here any pieces sold (out of stock) are represented by illustrative photographs. New commissions can usually be delivered in 4 - 6 weeks.

Current Artists

Ostinelli and Priest

A selection of fantastic scarva earthstone sculptures, handmade and multi-fired to obtain unique texture and colour.

Mary Wyatt

Wonderful Raku Glazed Animals and Figures

Louise Brown

Whymsical ceramic animal sculptures

Elisabeth Herquel

Fantastic Paper Hen Sculptures

Elaine Peto

Individual Animal Clay Sculptures

Linda Fowler

Individual Paper Clay Sculptures

Jeremy Clark

Stoneware and Porcelain Sculptures

Helen Higgins

Individual Animal Clay Sculptures

Sallie Wakley

Individual Animal Clay Sculptures

Andrew Howarth

Marble and Limestone Sculptures

Matthew Edenbrow

Stoneware Sculptures

Yvette Cobbley

Mixed Media Sculptures

Victoria Coleman

Special Paper Clay Sculptures

Eamonn Higgins

Truly Unique Iron Sculptures

Nick Tibbott

Found-Wood Sculptures

Kevin Harrington

Stoneware & Terracotta Sculptures

Felicity Lloyd-Coombes

One-of-a-Kind Sculptures

JJ Vincent Ceramics

One-of-a-Kind Sculptures