Meet the Makers…

Pam Schomberg in 1986

Pam Schomberg’s Magical Textures

As a child Pam was fascinated by the ancient artefacts in her local museum and finds this
has coloured her style and influenced the way her ceramic work has developed. Pam also spent time with her late father while he worked as a bespoke tailor (as did many generations before him) and this has led her to a sympathy with texture and pattern within her work.
When we explain Pam’s background to Reallyverynice customers, they instantly recognise the strong textile and tailoring influence. The work is truly magical and varied – you must spend time to examine each piece to appreciate the amount of work and detail.

Every piece is hand crafted – even with porcelain clay which is notoriously difficult to build with by hand. Pam also makes extensive use of on-glaze lustres. Lustre colours contain precious metals, such as gold and platinum, and are applied and fired on glazed china and stoneware to produce a unique and appealing decoration of metallic tints

Pam has worked as a potter since leaving art school in 1985 at the age of 38. She ran a highly successful Crafts Council approved Gallery for 15 years before closing it in 2006 to concentrate on her work.

Over the years, Pam’s work has been featured in prestigious exhibitions and she is very much admired within the ceramics world. Reallyverynice is extremely proud to hold a permanent exhibition of her work.