Meet the Makers…

Mary Wyatt

Mary Wyatt - reallyverynice Raku

A former art teacher, Mary Wyatt’s hand built sculptures explore shape and balance. Working from her studio in Felixstowe, Suffolk, Mary says she is ‘experimenting’ with raku glazing and she has really perfected this technique.

Raku firing is one of the most exciting processes in ceramics. An interpretation of the word “raku” is “happiness in the accident” – very appropriate!

Raku pottery will receive the first step of bisque firing to harden the clay and then the glaze is applied. The difference is the use of the Raku kiln and a reduction chamber. Combustible material such as wood, newspaper, cardboard and dried leaves can be used but they all produce a different effect. The smoke contributes to changing the colours and patterns of the Raku pottery. As the fire consumes the oxygen, it also draws the oxygen out of the raku pottery and its glaze. It is this stage that creates the unique look of raku pottery. The unpredictability of the process is essentially the result of the removal of oxygen in the reduction chamber. 

As well as the stunning larger pieces, Mary also produces some adorable smaller artworks – such as the little bluebirds or chickens.