Meet the Makers…

Lousie Brown

Louise Brown’s Menagerie

Louise Brown is a self-taught artist with a real passion for animals. At school she loved art, but the combination of having an uninspiring art teacher and the need for a career with a guaranteed monthly pay cheque, Louise studied to become a radiographer. Over the years she became increasingly unfulfilled with the lack of creativity in her job so I decided to teach herself to paint and attend weekly pottery classes.

Louise works with stoneware and porcelain clays, adding the clays in very thin strips, which sometimes tear as they are applied, but Louise embraces this and believes this adds to the ‘quirky’ nature of her designs. After the piece has been bisque fired Louise applies the colours in the form of oxides, underglazes and limited application of glazes.

Louise prefers her animals to have a matt finish and glaze is only applied to areas such as the eyes. The sculptures are then fired again to 1250 degrees for about 10 hours.

As well as the freestanding sculptures, Reallyverynice now features Louise’s wall art sculptures. Her style lends itself to this format – a beautiful way to appreciate the detail and joy of her work.